Christmas Party

I am selling my first book at locations across the South, including the wonderful Opposite Ends store in Woodville, Mississippi, where I did a Christmas program for a group of pajama-clad children and their parents. You can buy your own copy of the book, “Indian Santa, The True Story.”

This book is the first of twelve in my new book series, The Power of T.E.A.®, T for Thoughts, E for Emotions, A for Actions. Watch a video about how I developed my series, The Power of T.E.A.®.

My series is divided into four clusters – Time Suspended, Time Curtailed, Time Intense, and Time Eternal – with one book each about an important thought, emotion, and action.

Contact Susie to find out more about my first cluster, which includes my books on patient thoughts, scared emotions, and above actions. I would love to hear from you!